June 9th, 2006

000: Locked (Sticky)

I'm one of those people you pass by on the streets. You give me a look over; you examine my ipod stuck in my ear; my eyes averted downwards at the text message on my crappy phone, my Abercrombie and Fitch outfit and my mascara that's too heavy and my eyeshadow that's too bright. But I'm more than what I appear to be on the outside. I love music; fashion, drawing and I'm known as the person everyone goes to for advice. I like to talk to people and hopefully one day I could pursue a career either in fashion journalism or phsycology. My idols are Rachel Bilson and Jessica Simpson. I'm not shallow, and I don't spend all of my time infatuated with makeup. I don't want to be a trophy wife; and I'm still searching for love. I eat whatever I damn well please; whether that's a trim garden salad or bowls of oreo ice cream. I'm not your typical girly girl; I'm not your typical anything. I have a sense of humor that I'd be glad to share with you; and I expect for you to do the same in return. Live, love, laugh. That's all there is to it.

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    Cold Hard Bitch - Jet